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Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement

Effective date 3/29/24. 

I agree and understand the following:

Introduction and Acceptance of Terms

By accessing and using the Alise LLC membership, you agree to be bound by this Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement, including our Privacy Policy and Dating Safety Tips, so it is important that you read this Agreement and these policies before signing up. 

We may occasionally update this Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement, so reference this page for updates.

Your Responsibility 

Background Checks

Alise LLC doesn't conduct background checks on individuals attending member events, general public events, or blind date services. Background checks can create a false sense of security. You are the best judge of what is good for you and your safety. We invite you to visit our dating safety tips as a resource.

Member Events and Member Activities

All membership plans and tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Automatically Renewing Subscriptions and Refund Policy 

  • All membership plans and tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable

  • Membership plans are billed a one time setup fee and a reoccuring charge for the membership plan. All membershp plans automatically renew unless cancelled,

  • Membership plans require 14 days notice to cancel plan.

  • Sales tax is added to membership plan.

  • Members must be a minimum age of 21 years and older to purchase a membership.

  • For any event or activity that are physically active, Alise LLC is not liable for any injuries. 

  • Member login information is for use by only the person name listed on the membership order. 

  • Members that are couple who purchase a membership only the person  listed as billing authorized is allowed

  • We do not release the attendee guest list of any of the Alise LLCs.  

  • General services, member services, and experiences are all A la carte that require additional purchase. 

  • Virtual event ticket holders will receive a virtual event link to join the event on the day of the event.

  • Attendee privacy is strictly enforced! No screenshots, not login link sharing, no photography, no live stream, and no multiple people logged in under 1 ticket purchase.

  • The suggested age is 30 and up for all of our events, however, the minimum age to attend is age 21. Note historically singles follow our suggested ages. Most singles are in the mid to late '30s, 40s, and up.

  • For online/virtual events your webcam is required to remain on during a virtual event. In addition, you need to have proper lighting as well so other attendees can see you.

  • You are not guaranteed to find a romantic partner by attending any event.

  • If you purchase an event ticket you are expected to participate in the event.

  • If you need to use your phone during an event you will need to step outside the event. No electronic devices during the event.

  • No nudity or vulgar language. This will immediately forfeit your attendance at the event and be banned from future events.

  • The blind date and Matchmaking services are not included with any of our events.

  • When you attend an Alise LLC event you are added to our email subscriber list. You can later opt out from being added to our subscriber list.

  • Alise LLC reserves the right to ban anyone from our events who violate Alise LLC policies or people who are rude to other singles and/or the Alise LLC team.

  • Ladies events are NOT a dating event. 

  • All suite ticket purchases follow the policies of the venue were event is being held. 

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