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Event Photos and Videos

Do you have photos or videos from prior events? This is one of the most common questions that has been asked throughout the years. We are different by design. We value your privacy and engagement. That’s why we have no live stream, no electronic devices, and no photo policy during our events. The only exception is during special events in the designated photo area.

The Detective Mystery Game event does release real partial images and fun facts/interests about featured singles that will be attending. Below are few featured singles and real fun facts/interests from past Detective Mystery Game events.  When singles are featured in the Detective Mystery Game event, you intentionally will not see the complete image of the person since that is part of the clue for the game.

Click on the slideshow images below to see a few of the past featured singles' partial images of themselves, nicknames in the story, and their fun facts/interest in the picture grid.  All singles featured in the prior Detective Mystery Game events were local DFW single professionals. 

Grab your ticket to experience an upcoming Alise LLC event and create your own memories.  

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