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The Heart and Passion of Alise LLC ™

What Sparked The Idea

Last year one of the items I put on my vision board was in 2018 I would start getting out more and be open to dating. As a single mom it's easy to be consumed with taking care of your child, juggling work, and all the hats a mother wears.

I looked for existing companies that host single social events in North Texas other than bars, clubs, or online dating companies. There were several elements that were important in my search such as company website and marketing that show racial diversity a company wants to attract, events that are designed to remove barriers to meeting other singles, something fun off the beaten path, and affordable with no long-term contracts. I couldn’t find any existing companies.

I figured I would still attend a few single events to get my feet wet, but the vibe was uptight, the layout wasn’t set up to promote meeting other singles, and there were larger amount of women than men in attendance. As I was driving home after the event, I thought of the different elements that would have made the experience more enjoyable to attendees. Initially, I thought I would email feedback, but then I thought no. I thought why doesn’t someone do something to create more options for singles to meet other than clubs, bars, and online dating. I thought why don’t I be the someone. Then I start doing research.

I took my bonus from work and started Alise LLC ™. Yes, it’s a significant risk, but in life, anything worth having has risk involved. I believe people will support the concept because all aspects of the company were designed with them in mind. I believed in the idea of Alise LLC ™ and was willing to take the risk. I wanted to launch in a venue that captures the beauty and essence of Alise LLC ™, so I rented out Noah’s Event Venue. The place is often rented for weddings, but June 15th 7 pm to 11 pm we will host the launch of Alise LLC ™ Singles Event The Moment. #AliseLLC #LaunchEvent #SinglesEvent #TheMoment

Healing and Something New

Imagine twelve years ago vowing never to love again and closing your heart off to romantic love. Fast forward twelve years later to creating a business that host single social events designed to remove common barriers of getting to know people by helping them Connect, Laugh, and Enjoy the journey of meeting other singles. If someone had told me twelve years ago I would birth Alise LLC ™; I would have laughed. It wasn’t even on my radar.

I realized a couple of years ago I still carried wounds from a previous relationship. We all process hurt differently it can show up as bitterness, pouring yourself into work, self-sabotage, and so on. For me I found myself running from love because I didn’t want to experience that type of hurt ever again. I dated, but I wouldn’t allow a man to get close enough to touch my heart. Running is much more comfortable than facing the reality of dealing with the pain of heartache. Last year I took time to allow my heart to heal and address wounds I didn’t want to face. One of the greatest teachers in life is the pain of heartache. Inspite of the past heartbreak I believe that all things work together for good. Yes, starting over can be scary, but there is also a beauty of knowing greater is ahead. I had to make a decision to keep running from love or believe my best days are in front of me. I believe my best days are in front of me and walk that out everyday. I believe that not only for my life, but for your life as well. The wisdom we gain from the teacher pain helps us moving forward.

How can you be transparent without being concerned about what other people think? I’ve realized the experience wasn't just for me but others who are on the fence with allowing yourself to love again. There is a freedom and peace that comes with allowing your heart to heal. You don't have to pretend to have it all together. The transparency and vulnerability actually draws more people in. There is a magnificent power in your story to help the next person. We live in a society that often wants you to believe that everyone has it all together, no one has a broken heart, everyone is whole, but that often isn't the truth.

Why No Social Media or Electronic Devices During Event

During our events we have a strict no social media live stream or electronic devices because it’s not about showing everyone what you are doing. We genuinely want you to be in the moment. There are things often missed because people don’t fully engage. This night is for you to participate and experience something off the beaten path fully. #BeInTheMoment


I have a passion for helping people. I like to see people win. There is something extraordinary about it. At the core Alise LLC ™ is designed to remove common barriers and help you meet other singles.


I believe in the beauty of love.

I believe real love does exist.

I believe there are good men out there for single ladies.

I believe there are good ladies out there for single men.

I believe you can find love in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and at any age.

Whatever you do don’t allow your past to dictate your future.

Don’t Give Up On Love!





Hope to see you at our launch event Singles Event The Moment. Get Your Ticket today click here. Advance ticket required. No tickets sold at the door. #SinglesEvent #TheMoment #June15th

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