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What's the story behind Alise LLC ™ ?

Imagine twelve years ago vowing never to love again and closing your heart off to romantic love. Fast forward twelve years later to creating a business that host single social events designed to remove common barriers of getting to know people by helping them Connect, Laugh, and Enjoy the journey of meeting other singles. 

For me I found myself running from love because I didn’t want to experience heartache ever again. I dated, but I wouldn’t allow a man to get close enough to touch my heart.


I took time to allow my heart to heal and address wounds I didn’t want to face. In 2017 one of the items I put on my vision board was in 2018 I would start getting out more and be open to dating. I wanted something upscale different than the club, bar, and online dating scene to meet single professionals. I did research and couldn't find anything that offered what I desired. Alise LLC ™ was born. 


I believe you can find love in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and at any age.


Whatever you do don’t allow your past to dictate your future. Don’t Give Up On Love!








Founder and CEO 

Felicia Sopshire


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Due to COVID-19 all in-person events are on hold. 

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Alise LLC ™

Different by Design

Welcome to Alise LLC ™ a North Texas, based organization that is different by design. We focus on creating social events for people to  ConnectLaugh, and Enjoy meeting others from around the Dallas Fort Worth Metro. We host upscale events that are fun with a no-pressure environment. We help remove common barriers faced on the dating scene. Our goal is to create a fun memorable experience for single professional men to meet single women and single professional women to meet single men face to face in a no pressure atmosphere. Our events are intimate style events that allow you to meet everyone in attendance.  #Age30andUp #SingleProfessionals


We encourage Dallas singles to exchange information or use our signature service Flirt With Me . All of our single events require an advance ticket purchase.  No tickets are sold at the door. During our events, we are a no social media live stream, no photography and no use of electronic devices. Privacy is important to us.  

We proudly serve singles in Plano, Frisco, Mckinney, Allen, The Colony, Denton, Garland, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Desoto,  Cedar Hill, Irving, Fort Worth and surrounding areas. 

We are intentional about the experience we offer. Come experience the Alise LLC ™ difference as you ConnectLaugh, and Enjoy.  #Alise_LLC



1. What age range do you target for your events?

Age 30 and up. 


2. What is the ratio of women to men and men to women?

Each event we sell a limited number of tickets by gender to keep ratios close. When people purchase tickets and don't show up this effects ratio during the event. If you purchase a ticket show up.

3. Will tickets be sold at the door?

NO, advance ticket purchase required. Our events are intimate style events. All of our event we limit attendance.  Special events like anniversary events we allow more singles to attend than our standard intimate style event.


4. Who is the target audience for Alise LLC single events?

-Professional single men looking to meet single women

-Professional single women looking to meet single men 


5. Are event tickets refundable or transferable?

NO, event tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


6. What is the dress code for the event? 

Business casual, summer chic, and dressy.  All of our events have a Grown and Chic vibe.  We recommend you dress it up. Absolutely NO athletic apparel, t-shirts, no hoodies, ball caps, basketball shorts, sweat pants or flip flops. 

7. Can I see pictures from prior events?

NO, we do not disclose our guest list.  We respect the privacy of all singles attending. Our events are to be experienced.  


8. Whom do you attract to your events?

We attract single professional age 30 and up like yourself who are looking to meet other singles. 

9. Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can only be purchased on our website. 

More FAQs

10. What is the Flirt With Me (FWM) service?

Click here to learn more about our signature service Flirt With Me.  Service is optional and an additional fee.  


11. How much is the Flirt With Me (FWM) service?

 Flirt With Me service is an additional $16.99. Expedite Flirt With Me is an additional $41.99.  


12. Can I stream the event on social media, take photos, or be on my electronic device during the event?

NO, all singles we want to be in the moment. Live stream on social media, photography, and use of all electronic devices are strictly prohibited. Violation of the policy will forfeit your attendance. For special events, we may have an Alise LLC photographer to capture certain moments. 

13. What if I’m separated from my spouse can I attend your events?

NO, you must be legally divorced.

14.  What areas do you serve?

We serve singles in Frisco, Plano, Lewisville, Carrollton, The Colony, Little Elm, Denton, Mckinney, Allen, Coppell, Irving, Wylie, Rowlett, Garland, Forney, Flower Mound, Richardson, Arlington, Cedar Hill, Desoto, Dallas and Fort Worth surrounding areas. Pop up events city will be announced before the event. 

15. Can people be banned from your events? 

YES. Our events are intimate style events that promote fun, laughter, conversation, connection, and creating a memorable experience. We reserve the right to ban anyone from our events that are rude to other singles or the Alise LLC team.

16. Who will receive dating profile match results?

Everyone who attends our events will complete a dating profile, however, only members will receive dating match results first name. 


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