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Different by Design

Alise LLC ™

Welcome to Alise LLC ™ a North Texas event company that is different by design.  We create memorable in-person and virtual social events for people to Connect, Laugh, and Enjoy. Not only do we offer events for Singles, but now we offer Ladies' events and Couple Date Night events. We host intimate-style upscale events that are fun by design. 

All of our events require an advance ticket purchase.  During our in person events, we are a no social media live stream, no electronic devices, and no photography unless in designated areas. Privacy is important to us.  


We are intentional about the experience we offer. Experience the Alise LLC ™ difference as you Connect, Laugh, and Enjoy#Alise_LLC


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Check out our upcoming events for single professionals, ladies, and couples' date night.

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Our Story
Alise LLC

Our Story

What's the story behind Alise LLC ™ ?

Imagine twelve years ago vowing never to love again and closing your heart off to romantic love. Fast forward twelve years later to create a business that hosts single social events designed to remove common barriers to getting to know people by helping them Connect, Laugh, and Enjoy the journey of meeting other singles.

For me, I found myself running from love because I didn’t want to experience heartache ever again. I dated, but I wouldn’t allow a man to get close enough to touch my heart.


I took time to allow my heart to heal and address wounds I didn’t want to face. In 2017, one of the items II put on my vision board was that in 2018, I would start getting out more and be open to dating. I wanted something upscale or casual chic, different than the club, bar, and online dating scene to meet single professionals. I did research and couldn't find anything that offered what I desired. Alise LLC ™ was born.

I believe you can find love in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and at any age.


In 2024, we are launching ladies' and couples' date night events. The seed was planted in my heart in 2019 to expand, but the pandemic delayed the birthing of the expansion of ladies' and couples' events. 


Whatever you do, don’t allow your past to dictate your future. Don’t Give Up On Love!










Founder and CEO 
Felicia Sopshire


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