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Ladies' Events

Ladies Launch Event Coming Soon! Stay Tuned! Ladies'  events are not dating events. Ladies' events are open to women who are single, dating, in a relationship, divorced, widowed, and married. Ladies' events aim to create a positive and fun space that allows ladies time to recharge from the many hats we wear. The events will enable you to catch up on much-needed girl time as you make and develop new friendships. You may be new in town, looking to network, starting over, married, interested in catching up on girl time with other ladies, or looking to enjoy an event that allows you to be intentional with focusing on enjoying yourself fun and self-care. Whatever the case, we welcome ladies to come and be a part of the Alise LLC Ladies'  events.


All events require advance ticket purchase. Events will be announced on our website.   During ladies' events, we are no social media live stream, no screenshots during virtual events, and during in-person events no use of electronic devices. During ladies' events, photos are allowed at the beginning or end of an event of yourself but not during the event. Photos are not allowed of other attendees without their consent. We are intentional about the experience we offer and the privacy of our attendees. Privacy is important to us. 

Pop Music Stage


Entertainment Collection

Our entertainment collection offers ladies the opportunities have girl time and make new friendships at the same time. Upcoming events will be listed in the events section. 

Spa Day


Make Time For You

We want you to be intentional about your self care. We will offer events that incorpate self care. Upcoming events will be listed in the events section.

Key Lock


Member Only Events

Membership Required. 

Member-only events are open to Alise LLC clients that have a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership. Members can access upcoming member-only events member login page.

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