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In Love

Singles Game Night

Ladies and gentlemen are competing in a variety of group-style games for not only bragging rights, but also the winning gender will claim the Singles Game Night Ladies vs Gentlemen Championship title belt. Who will win ladies or gentlemen?


Virtual Speed Dating

From the comfort and safety of your home virtually meet singles like yourself. This isn't like an online dating app. There is no swiping left to right on dating profiles, but instead, you meet real singles during virtual speed dating.


Detective Mystery

Ladies are the detectives. Gentlemen have the clues needed to solve the case. This in-person event is a favorite fan with gentlemen. Our Detective Mystery Game features real singles in our fictional storyline.  Can you solve the case?

Singles Events

Our goal is to create a fun memorable experience for single professional men to meet single professional women and single professional women to meet single professional men in person or virtual in a no-pressure atmosphere.


Singles events are intimate-style events that allow you to meet everyone in attendance.  We offer a variety of events for singles that are looking to network, hang out, dating, or have a long-term relationship. Singles events, are no social media live stream, no photography, and during in-person events no use of electronic devices. Privacy is important to us.  Advance ticket purchase required. 

We value your privacy and engagement. That’s why we have a no live stream, no electronic devices, and no photos policy during our events. The only exception is during special events in the designated photo area.

Pop Up Events

Outside of our core singles events, we offer pop-up singles events. Pop-up singles events will be announced in the upcoming events section as they occur. Pop-up events require advance ticket purchase.   


Member Only Events

**Membership Required.** 

Member-only events are open to Alise LLC clients that have a membership. Members can access upcoming member-only events member login page.


Blind Date

**Membership Required.** 

Blind Date service is coming in February.  Blind date service is an a la carte product. 

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