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Speed Dating Overview

Speeding dating Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and  San Antonio for single professionals. In person or virtually from the comfort and safety of your home meet singles like yourself. This isn't like an online dating app. There is no swiping left to right on dating profiles, but instead, you meet real singles in person or during virtual speed dating. Our event target audience is single professional men looking to meet single women and single professional women looking to meet single men. 

Virtual speed dating events require attendees have a computer with a webcam, tablet with a camera, or phone with a video camera. The video camera must stay on during the virtual events. Also, attendees must have good lighting. 

The ticket includes event attendance, match results emailed, and optional questions for mini-dates. 

Would you like individual help before the event to help maximize your speed dating experience? Check out Virtual Prep.

Advance Ticket Purchase Required

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Private Mini-Dates

The host will welcome singles in person or virtually. The host will explain the flow of the night and date scorecard.  The host will kick off the first round of individual mini dates. The mini-dates will last 6 to 9 minutes depending on the number of singles.  From there the host will rotate singles to different mini-dates for the remainder of the event. The host will be present throughout the entire event. There will be 5 to 10 private mini dates during the Speed dating event. Numbers of dates are determined based on final ticket sales. 

Don't know what to ask during your mini-dates? No problem! We provide complimentary optional suggested questions to help keep the conversation flowing and fun.

Advance Ticket Purchase Required

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Date Scorecard

Each single will have a date scorecard to complete after each mini-date. If both singles select each other on the date scorecard, that is considered a match. We will email your match results within 24 hours the first name, phone number, and email address of the match.  (Check out Express Speed Dating Match Results to receive your match results in 8 hours or less.) The host will close out the night and ensure all singles have submitted their scorecard. 

Each single will rate their date in four areas appearance, personality, conversation, and overall date.

The suggested age range is a guide, but you're welcome to attend if you are not within that age range. 

Curious about your average rating in each of the four areas above? Check out our service Date Score to receive your score after the event. 

Advance Ticket Purchase Required

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