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Detective Mystery Game


The Detectives


Game Overview 

Ladies are the detectives. Gentlemen have the clues needed to solve the case. This in-person event is a favorite fan with gentlemen. Advance Ticket purchase required! The host will welcome all singles and explain the rules of the games. 

Round One

Each detective's skills will be tested. Each detective will rely on each gentleman to provide her a clue to advance forward, but like any game, there is a couple of twists before the detective can get the gentleman's clue. Each gentleman has a piece of the puzzle to help her unlock round one.

Stack of Files

The Clues


Round Two

Now you have advanced to our cold case files. In round two both lady detectives and gentlemen are trying to determine who are the Mystery Game characters in our storyline to help solve the cold case. Ladies are looking for the two gentlemen characters and gentlemen are looking for the two lady characters. 

Rules of each round and further details are provided during the event. We can't give you all details and ruin the fun.

Click here for prior Mystery Character clues.


The Characters


Our Detective Mystery Game features real singles in our fictional storyline.  We provide real fun facts/interests about those singles. No actors/actresses. 

Each week we will release a character in our storyline with a few fun facts and interests about them.  Are you interested in being a Mystery Character? Check out our service Featured to learn more. 

 **All of our events are no photography, no screenshots, and  in-person events no electronic device environment.** 

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