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Find Me If You Can!

Are you interested in being a featured character during a Detective Mystery Game event?

Featured singles become part of our storyline as a character in the story. We release fun facts and interest about you leading up to the event in our advertising. During our Detective Mystery game, there are two lady characters and two gentlemen characters released that singles will be searching for during the game. In round two lady detectives are looking for the gentlemen characters and gentlemen are looking for the lady characters during the game. 

Featured service includes:

-One required webcam video interview with Alise LLC  to gather fun facts/interest about you

-A total of five fun facts and/or interests are released about you before the event in our social media advertisement and email to our subscribers. 

-Help with selecting your most appealing fun facts and interest

-Ideas on your character name based on your fun facts and interest 

Featured **Available on Member's Only** 

**Our featured service does not release a full image of you in our advertisement.  The image released of you will not be an image that allows you to be identified.**

Exclusive Featured

Would you like to be the exclusive lady or gentleman featured during the Detective Mystery Game. Our exclusive feature includes the services listed above, however, you will be the only lady or gentleman featured instead of there being two ladies or gentlemen featured. 

Exclusive Feature request now

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