Singles Event - The Moment June 15th 7pm to 10pm Noah's Event Venue Plano, TX

Flirt With Me (FWM)

Our signature service Flirt With Me (FWM) takes the pressure off of you expressing to him/her you are interested in staying connected after the singles event. FWM helps remove being nervous, asking for a phone number, awkward moments of not knowing what to say, or missed opportunities to get the person's contact information.

During the social event for singles,  complete our electronic FWM card type the name of 1 person who sparks your interest. You can type a personal message/select one of our listed conversation starters, type your contact information, and submit your form electronically.


Flirt With Me service is $16.99 and Includes:

-Email your first name, email, phone number, and message within 24 hours of the event to your person of interest.

-Confirmation the person of interest received your info.

If you purchase FWM after a singles event click Buy Now to pay for service. Once you have paid for service click on the Flirt Now button to flirt with a single. Once you have paid for service you will be provided a password to access FWM form. 

Addon Expedited Flirt With Me $36.99 Results given during event to person before they leave event same night.

*Only 1 expedited addon available per event.*